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“the accidental discovery that leads to unexpected value”

Call it chance, luck or mysterious force, serendipity is the act of unexpectedly finding something you where not looking for. It is  how Alexander Fleming’s accidental discovery of the antibiotic penicillin revolutionized medicine for instance.

I wanted to cook a „Baba Ganoush“ from one of the leading cooking spanish bloggers but I did not have the required Iwatani burning torch, so I looked it up in Amazon and there it was: Daniella´s book appeared as only option, and it looked so appealing to me that I made the order for the book forgetting (only for a while) the Iwatani torch.

So that is how I changed (almost) the cooking for the encaustic..

Iwatani torch encaustic daniella woolf

The Iwatani Torch

The Iwatani torch (or other brand) its  used to fuse the top layer of wax to the bottom one, in this way we make of all applied layers (which can become more than 30) end up forming a single one.

What makes the Iwatani Torch so special?

The torch Iwatani has 2 characteristics that make it unique:

  • No one can find in Europe at a reasonable price
  • It has 3 actuators, one ignition trigger, a rear pivot, which regulates the amount of gas and another at the front that regulates the amount of air. (The new model has a fourth security button that seems to me quite cumbersome though)

And a common feature to the rest I’ve had (and its the fourth one), they decide for themselves how and when they work-

Someday we’ll talk about torches for use in encaustic, if it is better propane or butane and what features search for if you cannot get the Iwatani torch.

Just in case you become hungry in your studio, I leave you here the delicious Baba Ganoush recipe:

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1 baba ganoush.053

Daniella Woolf s book

The encaustic Studio
. . . [/restrict]This is a book that I love, what I appreciate most is that, without being pretentious, shows the enormous capacity of Daniella Woolf to create out of nothing, the less is more taken to the highest expression. I recommend it to everyone.

(updated 7 June 2016)

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