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The golden rectangle

Isn’t  what it was, and I will tell you something else, It never was what it was… (*)

golden rectangle.001

The square is the new golden rectangle

I am sure you know about the golden proportion, quintessence of mathematical harmony but, have you ever wondered why, if the golden proportion meets all the conditions to be the most esthetically pleasing proportion, it has rarely been used as canvases format? Not even Leonardo used this canvas format.

I recently checked the pre-stretched canvases available in the market, I found none with golden proportion. Perhaps artists  build them themselves to keep “golden” control of the whole thing?.

Once very suspicious I randomly checked classic paintings in museum’s on-line collections, no trace of golden rectangles.

Restless I decided to check golden format in modern symbolists like Klimt, suprematists like Malevich with the same disappointing result.

Yesterday I checked again (yes, I am quite persistent) with the monochromes canvases and again, no sign of golden formats.

Statistical conclusion: When a painter wants to give his paint a symbolic attribute behind its contents they persistently go square not gold.

The reason? would have been too obvious? or the format so strong that would deviate attention from the painting composition self?

If all this fostered your curiosity:

For maths oriented  try this link,  for Dan Brawn fans try  this one,  for the rest, I found a virtual golden ratio museum which is very interesting

(*) They were talking about theater (Thallus and Aristarches in the novel I Claudius, Robert Graves 1934)

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