Project Description

You have probably noticed that it takes ages for your colors to melt once they are on the heated surface, specially if the contents is too thick. There are a few considerations than influence this melting time and that can optimize the process :

  • The material of the container
  • The type of bottom of the container direct in contact with the warm surface
  • Of course the depth of the wax to be melted

If you use used tins (your pet’s food, tuna fish…) make sure the bottom is as flat as possible, see image below

encaustic tins.003

If you do not have a pet, don’t like tuna, and don’t want to force yourself eating canned stuff that you do not like (my case) the best option are the enamel cups: their core is normally made of steel which is a very good thermal conductor, their bottom is flat, their diameter has normally 8-9 cms so with 2 cms depth you have 100mll, the cheapest option is always white and they have a handle so you will not get burnt. What else?

encaustic tins.002