The term Encaustic tools is open to your imagination. The encaustic painting technique  is so versatile that there are innumerable  tools that can be used in addition to the traditional ones.

Tools for encaustic

Usually the paint is applied with brushes of natural hair or with spatulas. Once applied many tools derived from other disciplines can be used  such as engraving, printing, batik, collage etc …

The most commonly used tools are scrapers and containers for heating and fusing paint. Standard hair dryers are nothing more than an emergency solution, heat guns or kitchen torches are basic tools.

To heat the paint electrical kitchen devices such as teppanyaki grills, griddles or simple stoves are usually used

Buy encaustic Tools

You can buy tools for encaustic painting, in addition to fine art shops, in DIY stores, kitchenware stores . Bear in mind that the tools  must be resistant to working temperatures 80-90ºC, the limit is your imagination.