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It is not easy to find first quality encaustic paint in Europe at a reasonable price, I found in Amazon this R&F OPAQUE COLOR SET at the price of 47,73 € VAT & transport included.

You can find at this moment similar offers on other Amazon platforms in Europe: France, Germany… I give you the links.

I do not know if it is an special offer or how long it will last, my only doubt is how long it will take to be delivered to Europe, probably more than a week. If you can wait, this is your offer!


This set has some of R&F’s brighter, primary colors . This set features six of studio-size 40 ml cakes of Encaustic and comes packaged in Ampersand’s cradled aprox 15 x 15 cms Encausticbord™.


  • Cadmium Yellow Medium: Full warm bright yellow. Can mix toward red or green
  • Cadmium Red Medium: what some would call a “true red”. Very saturated
  • Chromium Oxide Green: Cool, low intensity. Over dark colors, it can almost float. Makes beautiful olive tints
  • Cobalt Blue: The “true” blue, because it is distinct from Cerulean on the green side and Ultramarine on the red. Makes muted greens when mixed with cadmium yellow
  • Titanium White: Warm white. It is the brightest, the most reflective, and the most opaque of all whites.
  • Ivory Black: Velvety top tone. Has brownish undertone and makes brownish greys with white. Not overly strong, good for scumbling.


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