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Encaustic art – anti encaustic-potpourri tool
Have you ever thought why you like the paintings you like? to help you in this endeavour I have designed a graphic tool that will allow you to order what you thought it was only your intuition. The tool is a  ternary plot with the three variables: shape, color and texture:

art ternary plot


Within this plot you can locate any painting according to the percentage of each of three parameters. Try to locate 5 of you favorite paintings in the empty chart bellow

art empty ternary plot


Just as hint I have done the same exercise for one of my favorite paintings from Kandinsky.

Please note that he three percentages sum 100%.

Kandinsky ternary plot.

You can learn a lot from your painting tastes from this exercise, but, among all, what we learn through this little game is that the great paintings are always simple in their structure. If I am not totally wrong, none of the 5 paintings that you choose will be in the middle area; on the contrary they will all be located in regions abut the perimeter. Why is this?

In the same way as  novels have an only main character and one or more supporting characters, good paintings have one important element, perhaps a second or third one but never as important.

Encaustic is a medium that allows all three elements: shapes, color and texture to be main characters, but be careful, you have to choose, because if you mix a little bit of everything you get something like the paintings bellow.

encaustic potpourri.001encaustic potpourri.002

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