Project Description

Double boiler wax pot

double boiler copy.001

Accurate temperature controlled containers are of course available in the market under the name of  “water ovens”  (here one as an example), the problem is that these water ovens typically sell for little less than 500€ so many people decide to build their own using a temperature sensor and a PID controller (Proportional-Integral-Derivative controller) that switches the power on/off when the sensor reaches the desired temperature or set point (PID theory is actually something a little more complicated since it uses a controlling algorithm to minimize errors). Plug & play PID solutions are also in the market for under 150€, here one. In the picture bellow you see a simple installation scheme.

Despite all said in my previous post, my preferred option for heating up encaustic medium for dipping is the double boiler wax pot, a simple one costs under 20 euros has a 1,5 litre capacity and will keep your wax under 100 ºC with no cabling, no sensors, no  iStir (:-).

It is commonly used to heat milk or for preparing children’s food. Here is some my bet.

This pot gently heats the wax avoiding overheating. The dual wall keeps the wax work temperature constant. The pot can be put on a coiler or directly on the same palette used for mixtures. Suitable for inducción. This pan is also suitable to prepare  gesso. No matter how long your wax is  warm, wax does not change color! The pot has a signal valve . Diameter 14 cm. Height 14 cms

The working principle is the same one as the bain-marie or water bath, a double boiler filled with water. As heat source you can use any heating device or even your heated palette. Your wax will be heated from all sides and at the right temperature.